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running a map via wcf rest services with parameters

Timothy Trahan asked 6 years ago
We are trying to use the wcf rest GetData service to retrieve data from our GP instance.  I have a call working in which I am able to get all of the data from a particular table, but we need to be able to include a parameter with the GetData call to limit the records returned.Specifically we are attempting to get all of the Purchase Orders for a particular branch. Can someone point me to any documentation that would show me how to pass parameters to the GetData command that then can be passed to the ODBC Data Source and passed to the query as a parameter?Thanks!
Thomas replied 6 years ago

We have had limited success and have been waiting for a year to a response on a similar thread. We had previously made attempts using the Var option of the runmapxml stream over a REST connection and though we can run the maps fine as soon as we try to implement variable information we are at a loss. Any help is appreciated.

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