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Run Numbers are repeating, can't view if duplicated

Jennifer asked 5 years ago
Why do run numbers get duplicated?
I’m finding some maps are re-using run numbers and then when you try to view those map logs, it opens the oldest instance of the run number, not the run number + date (i.e. the one you’re clicking on). The only way to view the newest one is to delete the old one so once again there is  only 1 run number for a given map.
What am I missing? The map was created in the environment, not copied from another nor duplicated. There is no obvious reason why the run numbers should reset; it should be purely max(run number) + 1 every time.
Version: SC
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
This is a bug in that version of SmartConnect that was corrected in, I think, SC 2015.
While it won’t fix the duplicate log entries if you have any, updating to SC (the latest) or at least SC will solve the duplicate run number entries from being created.
Jen replied 5 years ago

Thanks Patrick, I’ll get the client upgraded to something newer to resolve it then. They’re due for an upgrade for sure!

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