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run multiple maps at once

John asked 6 years ago
Is there a way we can run several maps at once?  We will have 20 different journal entry imports and don\’t want to have to select them one at a time to run.
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 6 years ago
If you don’t want to select them all at once, one way is to use a Post Map Task to run a map after the first one is done. I know, technically, they are not running at the same exact time but you don’t have to select each one. You can just chain them together.
Not sure why you have 20 separate maps but using the Folder Data Source may be an option if your data is a file so it would grab all of the files at the same time.
Lastly, you could set up the integrations on a schedule and have the eOne Windows Service set to run on different machines so the integrations would run at the same time. But, with 20 maps, it would require 20 machines to run them all at the same time.
john replied 6 years ago

Thanks, we looked at the Folder Data source, but we need to manipulate the data source to include both sides of each journal entry. For example we have some lines on our import that have a debit and credit on the same line. We need to see both the debit and credit.

This is a portion of our file. The line for 004-2005-000 has a debit and credit that we need to show separately on the entry.

Journal Number,Date,Description,Account Number,Debit Amount,Credit Amount,Check Number,Branch Number,Client Number,Amount.
EFT,10/13/16,Paychex DirDep/RCX,004-1072-000,,34035.72,,0940,145,-34035.72
EFT,10/13/16,Paychex Garnishments,004-1072-000,,224.00,,0940,145,-224.00
EFT,10/13/16,Paychex Taxpay,004-1072-000,,13278.64,,0940,145,-13278.64
Paychex,10/13/16,Paychex Payroll,004-2005-000,5726.34,5726.34,,0940,145,0.00

Below is the script that we have written to accommodate for this:
select [journal number], Date, Description, [account number], [Debit Amount] , 0 as [Credit Amount],[Client Number],[Amount] from GL_14045114.txt where [debit amount] <> 0
select [journal number], Date, Description, [account number],0 as [Debit Amount], [Credit Amount], [Client Number],[Amount] from GL_14045114.txt where [credit amount] <> 0

We can’t figure out how to get the script to work with the folder data source.

Patrick Roth Staff replied 6 years ago

You won’t be able to because you can’t run an ODBC query on a folder datasource.

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