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Run a map on the last day of every month

Jim asked 5 years ago
Is there any way to schedule a map to run on the last day of every month?
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 5 years ago
Jim, there currently isn’t a method to do that with one map within SmartConnect.
You could duplicate the map and set the schedule for one of them to Monthly, 30th of the month and select the months of April,June,Sep,Nov.
On the original map set the schedule to monthly, 31st of the month and select Jan,Mar,May,July,Aug,Oct,Dec. 
I guess that would then require one more version for February.
Otherwise, with one map, you would have to set the Schedule to Monthly and choose the 28th of the month to get it done with one map.
I will enter a suggestion for being able to select something like the last day of the month.

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