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Rules for scheduling maps

Adrian Cooke asked 6 years ago
I have a number of maps all scheduled to run every 2 mins starting at 8am each every day. They all have a folder data source importing csv files into GP. The maps don’t seem to reschedule themselves for every 2 mins, it seems to be say every 6 mins.
What are the rules for how maps reschedule themselves ? Is there a limit to the number of maps with the same scheduling pattern ?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
the scheduler only runs one map at a time, so when it executes it runs the earliest map it can find.  when finished, it resets the NextRunDate to the next interval.
then it again runs the next map with the next earliest NextRunDate.
So if you have multiple maps that are set to run at the same time, you’ll see the above pattern that the later ones run “delayed” – and that is because it is busy running a different map when the next run was scheduled.

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