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Rounding of decimals by SmartConnect

Anatoli asked 7 years ago
Hi, We are using SmartConnect for a number of jobs. One map, which uses ODBC Connection and the destination is an SQL Server table has been consistently rounding data. The SQL statement is fine. I have tested using SQL directly to insert the data with no precision loss. Also tried using explicit casts, e.g. cast(Taken AS DECIMAL(38, 5)) with the same result. Map preview shows correct data but not when the data is actually loaded. Any assistance is appreciated.
Anatoli replied 7 years ago

Can someone please change the title to “Rounding of decimals by SmartConnect”?

Lorren Zemke replied 7 years ago

Anatoli, by default SmartConnect doesn’t round anything unless you tell it. If you duplicate the map and export to a CSV file is the data rounded? The other thing to try for troubleshooting would be to create a SQL Trace using SQL profiler and see the actual statements being executed.

Anatoli replied 7 years ago

Hi Lorren, thank you for your reply.

I’ve done quite a few tests now and it seems it’s SmartConnect that does the rounding. I’ve created a brand new map to do the same insert and I DIDN’T TELL it to round values.

A test export to CSV DOESN’T round but insert into a table does.

I’m having difficulties getting the SQL Profiler to work right now – as I don’t have SQL Server Installation Center any more.

The version of SmartConnect I use is

I can provide more detail. This forum doesn’t support screenshots, though.

Lorren Zemke replied 7 years ago

Anatoli, if you change the destination to CSV, does SmartConnect round the amount? I have been using the product since 20.13 and i have not seen SmartConnect round anything without it being told to do so through a calculation. I am not familiar if 20.12 did that or not.

If you want to send your resulting CSV that is exported, you can send it to me at and i’ll take a look at it.

Matt Paulen answered 5 years ago
I’m having a similar issue.  I can run a map manually and it won’t round the credit column but when the same exact map gets run by a schedule, it rounds the credit column.  It’s a basic csv file so I’m having difficulty figuring out why it would be different between a manual run and a scheduled run.

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