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Rounding Issue

johnellis asked 9 years ago

Is it possible to have SmartConnect conduct rounding?  In a Sales Order Processing map, I have SmartConnect calculating Extended Price as Unit Price times Quantity, of course.

But, in the case of 3.25 hours x $187.50, SmartConnect is calculating $609.375 for Extended Price, instead of $609.38.

In so doing, the map is failing with the error, "Decimal places passed in on XTNDPRCE does not match the setup…".

True, this three decimal-place calculation is correct.  But, again, it would be nice to have rounding conducted.

Is that possible?


John Ellis
Best Answer
dusty answered 9 years ago
Are you calculating the extended price using a calculated field?  If so, you can use the built in function to round to as many decimal places as you want (2 in your case).

If you are using a calculated field to find XTNDPRCE, change the formula to round to decimal places in one line with:

     return fn.ROUND(__UnitPrice * __Quantity, 2)

and changing the names to the names of your actual source columns.

Hope this helps!

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