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roll back transactions

tb_Mark asked 9 years ago
Is it possible to rollback transactions if a transaction fails?  I'm importing a file into SOP with multiple invoices.  The client needs the entire file to fail if one of the invoices fails.  However multiple invoices may have been created prior to the first error.  Is there a way to roll back the entered invoices?
Best Answer
Lorren answered 9 years ago

The one option we have in SmartConnect to do what you want (all or nothing) is part of our tasks. If you open up the Tasks window from a map and select the Map Data Checks option from the list on the left. The only task you can add to that is the Sql Validation.

From there you can set up sql validations to check data against the GP database to see if it doesn't meet the criteria and stop the map before anything is imported. For SOP you might need to do a validation to make sure customers exist, one to make sure items are there, ufofm, price levels, etc. Anything that is causing your records to fail currently. If even one validation check fails the map stops before any are sent in.

We can't roll back transactions once they are integrated becuase at that point we have handed it off to eConnect, and that either accpets or rejects each record individually. So the option above is the best method of getting it to function the way you want it to.

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