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RM Transaction Import

ranga asked 10 years ago
My query is using a SQL table with header and line details being pushed through into RM transactions.  I also have tax on these transactions.  The XML code looks fines. ie creating one tax entry, 3 distribution lines and 1 header.  All data is populated in the XML code correctly.   Although everything looks fine, some of the fields which are populated in the XML code are missing when I open up the transaction in GP eg one side of the GL code is missing, tax code is missing.  I have done the same data mapping in payables and all works fine.   My problem just seems to occur in Receivables.Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks
Best Answer
Ruaan Jonker answered 9 years ago

I was unable to replicate this issue, and the transactions seem to create successfully.
When you say that GL codes and Tax codes are missing I presume that the second or 3rd line item on the distribution or tax lines are not there. This could happen because of an incorrect grouping on the tax and distribution lines.
Please ensure that groupings are correct.
If the issue still persist can you please send me and export of the map as well as the XML that you say is correct.
Ruaan Jonker

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