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Restrictions on files to submit in a Folder Data Source?

Sherry Whitten asked 5 years ago
I have a folder data source map working great except for one issue.  If the file name that I drop in the Source folder is AR_Invoice20171101_2017-11-06_02-22-49_2017-11-05_02-22-49_2016-11-03_11-11-11.csv, when I run the map it says “No data returned”.  If I shorten it to AR_Invoice20171101.csv, it runs fine.  Same exact source file – just a shortened name.
Are there restrictions on file names or special characters in file names?  Thanks in advance.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
I don’t think that it is “illegal characters” in this case otherwise the file wouldn’t exist on the hard drive.  So chars like ? and \ cannot be entered as a filenames (try in windows explorer, it’ll give you the list).
So for your issue, what I suspect it is either:
1. the whole path is too long
2. the file name (without path) is too long
for #1 ODBC (windows?) requires the path to be only 255 characters long including the filename.
For example I run into this with visual studio if I have a solution I download from somewhere and try to open with visual studio and the path is like c:\program files(x86)\etc  etc  etc\mysolution.sln
and visual studio will give me “path too long” error.
ODBC gives you that – just not a good error and abruptly fails.
#2. Not sure what the max file size if (if any) and might be subsumed entirely by #1 in that the full path > 255 chars.
Sherry Whitten answered 5 years ago
Thanks Patrick for your fast response.  The long file name above (that doesn’t work) is 82 characters for just the file name.  The full path for the Source Folder specified on the map is 94 characters.  That’s a total of 176.  So the full path with file name should be under the 255.  Are you saying you aren’t sure of the allowed max number of characters for JUST the file name?

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