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Restore favourites after import of deleted Smartlist

Paul asked 2 years ago
I accidentally deleted a Smartlist so all the favourites necessarily went with them. Using a backup instance of the DYNAMICS DB, I used the SLB export function and then imported the resulting XML back to the production instance. The core list works fine, but I would now like to restore  favourites.
I located the entries corresponding to the delete list in table ASIEXP81 by filtering on the ASI_Favorite_Type field and copied them to the corresponding production table, but they did not reappear after restarting the GP client. I have since found that there are also entries for that same ASI_Favorite_Type value in ASITAB20 and ASIEXP86.
Before I start cluttering those tables with stale data, can I expect this approach to work? Or did the process of importing the Smartlist likely result in a new different Id rending my approach useless? How should I locate the correct Id? Are the any other tables I have missed?
Beat Bucher answered 2 years ago
Hi Paul,
Did you ever succesfully recovered your Favorites ? I’m running into a similar scenario where some SmartList Favorites were lost over an upgrade between 2015 & 18.2, but the records are all in the ASIEXP81 & ASIEXP86 table now, identical from the old DYNAMICS 2015 system, but when GP client is opening SL, they don’t show up.. I checked everything, the CMPANYID et the favorite level , but alas, nothing happens.

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