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Restore favourites after import of deleted Smartlist

Paul asked 3 years ago
I accidentally deleted a Smartlist so all the favourites necessarily went with them. Using a backup instance of the DYNAMICS DB, I used the SLB export function and then imported the resulting XML back to the production instance. The core list works fine, but I would now like to restore  favourites.
I located the entries corresponding to the delete list in table ASIEXP81 by filtering on the ASI_Favorite_Type field and copied them to the corresponding production table, but they did not reappear after restarting the GP client. I have since found that there are also entries for that same ASI_Favorite_Type value in ASITAB20 and ASIEXP86.
Before I start cluttering those tables with stale data, can I expect this approach to work? Or did the process of importing the Smartlist likely result in a new different Id rending my approach useless? How should I locate the correct Id? Are the any other tables I have missed?
Beat Bucher answered 2 years ago
Hi Paul,
Did you ever succesfully recovered your Favorites ? I’m running into a similar scenario where some SmartList Favorites were lost over an upgrade between 2015 & 18.2, but the records are all in the ASIEXP81 & ASIEXP86 table now, identical from the old DYNAMICS 2015 system, but when GP client is opening SL, they don’t show up.. I checked everything, the CMPANYID et the favorite level , but alas, nothing happens.
Beat replied 6 months ago

Bump up!
This question was never answered and I was hoping eOne could help tackle this problem. Googling around it seems this is pretty common issue were Favorites get deleted accidentally by altering the underlying SL or by resetting a modified SL back to the original SL out-of-the-box.. This recently happened to me with a customer where “Item Quantities” had stopped working because someone had clicked on the “modify” button and altered the original GP SL for Item quantities. We found out that the SQL view “slbItemQantities” and the GP built-in ItemQuantities view would not be identical and have different approach to get to the data. The number of joined tables would somehow render the SLB Item Quantities un-usable and freeze GP completely. The original SL Item Quantities was working fine.
But by resetting the SLB “Item Quantities” list, we lost all the favorites linked to it… we found those favorites in a previous DYNAMICS DB backup table in ASIEXP81 & ASIEXP86, but have not found a way to bring those favorites back into the current system DB with the default “Item Quantities” list.

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