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REST datasource slow

Justin asked 8 months ago

I have a rest datasource that is retrieving about 3500 records, 1.15mb of data.  I can use postman and retrieve the results in 400ms.  If I ping the same endpoint with smartconnect, it takes 14 hours to process.  is there some kind of limit on smartconnect causing this?


by the way, my destination is a simple sql table.  


here is an example of the json from the api:

  "data": [
      "LocationId": 1666,
      "CustomerId": 1225,
      "Customer": null,
      "DateAdded": "2021-12-20T00:00:00",
      "LocationName": "DUN",
      "AddressCode": "DUN",
      "AddressLine1": "1000 LITTLE RD",
      "AddressLine2": null,
      "City": "COLUMBIA",
      "ZipCode": "99999",
      "StateId": 1,
      "State": null,
      "TerritoryId": 3,
      "LocationTerritory": null,
      "IsNonTax": false,
      "LastModified": "2021-12-20T16:12:26.3663785"

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