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Required Field not accepting zero

PdT asked 9 years ago
I have a required Quantity field but when I put in a zero, which is a legitimate value for that field, it does not want to save the record saying that all the required fields are not filled out.  For instance, if a field is used to track the number of part time employees in a branch, some branches might have zero since they only have full time employees and some other branches might have some part time employees.  For those that do not have part time employees, zero should be entered but then the record cannot be saved.  It is an important field and therefore it is required to be filled in.  It only works when I put in a 1 and then go back into SQL and change it to zero which is obvious not the way it should work.  How can I get around this without making the field not-required?
Nicole replied 9 years ago

I have tested this on my install as well and am able to recreate the issue.  I am going to write this up as a problem report and see what we can do.   I believe you are using 2010, correct?  Are you using Standard or Enterprise?

PdT replied 9 years ago

Yes, GP2010.  Not sure what version it is but the About Extender window show the Verion Number is 11.00.03593.000 and the MS Dynamics Extender version is 11.00.0046.  Please let me know what version that indicates.

Nicole replied 9 years ago

Thank you for the information.  Your versioning indicates that you are on the Extender Standard version.

Nicole replied 9 years ago

In looking into this more, it appears that this may be the way Dexterity works.  Dexterity doesn't allow for a null value, so a 0 is the default if you don't enter something else.  Any numeric field automatically defaults to 0 on the window, so cannot call that a valid number when the field is required because it wouldn't know if you entered a value or not then.  As a workaround to this, you could make the field a short string with a Numeric format.  Then it will recognize the 0 value as a valid value for the required field.  It will still default the value to 0, so even if the user doesn't enter something, it will allow them to save the record without actually entering anything.  With this being said, it really doesn't make sense to make it a required field if 0 is going to be a valid value.  The only other thing I can come up with is to set it to a short string with no format.  This would allow you to type in any sort of value and not make sure it is a numeric value, but it would require you to type in something and not let you save the record without doing so.

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