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Report Writer field too long

Althea-ADSBI asked 9 years ago
We were able to print our new SOP Header eXtender field on our SOP documents.  However it is a 255 character long string field and Report Writer is limited to 80 characters.  There are already instructions for parsing out SOP Comment lines from 4 to 9 and we have done that in the past.  But they use a build in RW function RW_SOPCommentText that was made for that purpose.  Is there anyone out there that has parsed a long string eXtender field into 4 lines of 80 in Report Writer?  They need all the info from this field on all SOP docs.  Any guidance is greatly appreciated!  Thank you, Althea
Best Answer
Nicole answered 9 years ago
There is a RW_substring function in Report Writer to grab certain portions of a field. The problem is that you have to first create a calculated field using the rw_tableheaderstring function to get the Extender field into Report Writer. When you do this function, it chops off the field to the 80 characters so then the rw_substring function doesn’t do anything for us. There isn’t a function in report writer that we can use to grab the whole field from Extender unfortunately. With that being said, there really isn’t a way to pull all 255 characters from an Extender field into Report Writer. If you have Extender Enterprise, a workaround might be to have the long string field on your Extender window and then create 4 additional fields on the window that use GP scripting to substring out the Long String field into those 4 additional fields. You could hide or disable these fields if you want. Then you would just use the additional fields in Report Writer. You cannot do it with a calculated field because those cannot be pulled into Report Writer.
Althea-ADSBI replied 9 years ago

Thank you so much, Nicole.  I have created the 4 addit fields and hid them.  Do you have a sample GP scripting to substring out the long string field to those 4 additional fields?

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