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report viewing

Bill Cummings asked 7 years ago
Using extender, I added a checkbox to a 3rd party form.  I “could” use that to trigger a stored procedure (manually set it up) that would generate a Crystal Report using a Crystal Report viewer executable.
Would Extender Enterprise be able to do this instead of manually set up triggers on the tables that hold the checkbox data?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
If you can code it in a SQL trigger then yes you could code it in Dexterity and likely either use a command line (if it is an exe).  Or since you would perhaps already have the TSQL to run your report then you could just execute the TSQL directly in Dexterity to do the same.
Bill Cummings replied 7 years ago

Thanks Patrick – but can I do that entirely in Extender using Actions, and if so, are there examples? (we don’t have Extender Enterprise)

Patrick Roth Staff replied 7 years ago

I don’t have an example of running a crystal report using a “crystal report viewer executable” no.

if it truly is command line, you might be able to create an action for it. Or run a batch file that does it.

But if it code executed via SQL then you’d have to have Enterprise in order to write the same code.

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