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Replacing the VBA code inside Modifier, with an Extender Enterprise script

Steve asked 8 years ago
Our client uses many GP customizations with Modifier/VBA. These will need to be replaced if they move to the GP Web Client. Reading the overview of Extender Enterprise, it seems that they have a tool that can replace the VBA. These customizations will need to run within the GP windows, not the Extender windows (which the client also has). Has anyone used Extender scripting tools to replace VBA within Modifier for GP 2010? If it should work, will the Extender scripting need to be changed when moving to GP 2015? Any articles on this?
Steve Simon, PDG Consultants
patrick answered 8 years ago
In Extender Enterprise, you create ‘Actions’ which are events on either Extender Windows or GP windows.  Whether or not you can replace your VBA code with Extender code is depends on the nature of the code you are currently using.
The reason is that Extender Enterprise typically uses ‘after’ scripts for processing – so any ‘Before’ scripts you are currently using (typically for validation) likely won’t be workable in Extender Enterprise. 
I’m not saying that it isn’t possible that you can’t do this – just that going to Enterprise is going to be a sure thing necessarily.
Steve Simon replied 8 years ago

Thanks, Patrick. I’ll document the VBA code to see what it does. It may not do “Before” scripts. If it does do “Before” scripts, then perhaps I can replace it with Sanscript. Will Modifier accept Sanscript in place of VBA?

patrick replied 8 years ago

I think you mean “if it does NOT do ‘before’ scripts” as I noted that Extender typically does ‘after’ scripts. As for ‘does modifier accept sanscript’, no not really. everything starts and ends with vba in modifier. And actually, if you have a modified form – you can’t reference those fields with dexterity – you have to use vba (or vstools).

Steve Simon replied 8 years ago

That’s a bummer. Oh well, I’ll open it up (the vba code) and see what it does. Thanks for your guidance.

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