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Replacing old tables with views

Jeff.Frye asked 9 years ago
Prior to my joining the company a lot of reports were written in SSRS and Crystal and Excel which pulled data directly from Extender tables (no views were used).  We are in the process of upgrading to GP 2013 and have noted the change in table structure for the data but have also noticed the old tables remain but have been emptied of data.

Would it be detrimental to delete the old tables and replace them with SQL views with the same names?  Although it would be a fair task to write these views it would be far easier to do this then rewrite hundreds of reports.  
Best Answer
Lorren answered 9 years ago

You certainly would be able to do that since Extender 2013 doesn't create those old tables on a new install.

I would be careful with which tables you delete though and make sure you don't delete any setup tables since some of those are still used.

Marc Nadeau replied 9 years ago


Do you have a list of those tables that are still used?

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