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Remove failed transactions from MAP

Joe Mattiacci asked 2 years ago
We have several transactions in a MAP that continue to fail for various reasons.  These transactions are no longer relevant so I would like to delete them so they do not appear in MAP logs.  What is the best method for doing this?  I’ve tried deleting the records from the “Fix” screen in the process errors window but that doesn’t prevent the transactions from attempting to integrate each time the MAP is run.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
The records in the “Fix” list are so the end user can see and possibly “fix” the data and then re-integrated it at that point.  So deleting the records from there doesn’t change the initial data.
If these records are old and not relevant – you would need to exclude them from the source data so they aren’t being pulled and then attempted to be integrated.
You’d have to look at the data source of this map.  It could be a SQL Query, it could be an Excel File, could be a query on CRM – etc.  You’d have to look at the source and see what it would take to no longer show up when you press “Preview” on the data.
That could be editing a SQL table to mark as “processed” or adding a criteria, etc.
Joe Mattiacci replied 2 years ago

Thank you for this response. Can the data be edited in the “Fix” grid before re-running the MAP so the integration is successful? Or is the Fix grid just informational?

Patrick Roth Staff replied 2 years ago

Yes – that is why I said you could possibly Fix the data there.

You can edit the data in that grid however you want and when you run the map FROM THAT WINDOW, SC will take the edited data and re-submit it. If you close the window and then re-run the map from scratch, SmartConnect would re-run the source query and pull that same problem data and you’ll just repeat the cycle.

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