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Reinstalling Smartpost

rerikson asked 9 years ago
We have installed smartpost previously in a test environment.  The database tables are created and populated.  However, the client machine had to be rebuilt and after re-installing smartpost the windows will not open.  For instance, nothing happens when we select Tools, Smartpost, Setup –no window displays.

Can anyone help with this?
Thank you!
Lorren replied 9 years ago

Go into your Dynamics GPAddIns folder and remove any eOne.SmartPost DLL and install Smart Post again.


Mhuff replied 9 years ago

I am having the same issue. I have done the full manual uninstall from the KB, and still cannot get any of the smartpost windows to open. 

Greg replied 7 years ago

We had the same problem. We were able to fix it by deleting the sql smartpost user that is created during setup. Once we did this, the install worked and all the windows opened.

Best Answer
Lorren answered 9 years ago
Updating this post to state that Smart Post requires .NET 4.5 Framework be installed on the machine.
Jonathan Ellis answered 7 years ago
My company is recieving the same problem. We have actually been trying to resolve this for months in our lower environments. Believe this is due to databases being restored to the lower environments and something just not jiving with the lower environments installation.
I followed the KB article, uninstalled/reinstalled several times. I even built up a brand new server and still cant get any windows to launch from Smart Post. The sad thing is there is nothing about this issue and the only way they will even help you solve it is for $210 an hour they will take a look. This has to be a common occurence users restoring the DYNAMICS DB to lower development environments.
Was anyone able to resolve this issue? There are no white papers I could find related to this topic, only customers stating they have same issue and I cant find a resolution that actually worked from anyone.

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