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Refreshing an import

Pieter du Toit asked 2 years ago
I have an Extender form that I constantly add fields to (into the second Extra Window already – over 50 fields at the moment).  I then have to update the import so that we can import data to this new field.  There is no way for me to refresh the import (that I can see) that would only bring in the new field and not wipe out everything that is there already.  What I do now is to open my import, change the form to one of the others, change it back to the real one which will then give me a “blank” list, including my new field.  I then have to put back all the column numbers and of course, they are not sequential.  It is really time consuming to add over 50 fields especially since I cannot just go 1-50.  Is there a way to refresh the import so that it only brings in the new field without wiping out all the other column numbers?  If not on the form, maybe in SQL? 

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