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Records Marked for Deletion

Brandon asked 6 years ago
Hello Support,
I have created a Pricelist integration from GP –> CRM that needs to create/update/delete in CRM. We have encountered an issue where the deletion triggered map records are unable to find the corresponding ID in GP when run, thus it errors out and is re-processed every scheduled task. Because a pricelist can be quite large, this means we need to manually review and remove the records that did not delete, while the map runs slower due to the number of records it runs through.

It appears to be an ordering issue, where GP wipes the table on delete and the map queries for these fields and when it joins the tracking table to the GP data tables, it finds no details and errors out when attempting to run against CRM.

Has anybody encountered a similar issue in the past? When creating a map that does create/update AND delete a record type, is only one map required?

I wondered if two were needed:

1) has Create and Update tracking on, set to ‘Update Existing’ in the mapping section
2) has Delete tracking on, set to ‘For Delete’ in the mapping section

If anybody could provide any guidance or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you very much,


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