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Record is currently being edited by another user

Christine Sherman asked 9 years ago
I choose a map get the following message: The record is currently being edited by another user. Would you like to view the current map activity. In the activity it shows that the user has a lock type of service. The user listed in not using this map. How do I remove this activity?
Geoff James replied 9 years ago

Hi Chrisitne,

Try clicking on the Map tab, then choose Activity.

Highlight the stuck user and click the minus sign at the top right.

Hope this helps.


Geoff James

Christine Sherman replied 9 years ago

thanks Geoff.

Fixed the issue with your instruction

Best Answer
Lorren answered 9 years ago
Just marking as answered.
Vijay replied 8 years ago

But, it keeps locking user in Map Activity whenever I schedule a map to run every 10 mins. It is just locking but not proceed further for reoccurance.

Kristie replied 5 years ago

We have this same issue for our scheduled MAPs, they continue to get locked. What is causing this? Yes, it’s easy enough to manually unlock, but we should not have to do that.

Robert replied 5 years ago

We have had the same thing that started about 3 weeks ago.

Philip Kluss replied 5 years ago

Same here. Serious issue for us. There also seems to be a memory leak in the scheduler service. A fresh start of the service uses about 100 MB and I when it’s displaying the problematic behavior I caught it using 1.4 GB.

MNR replied 5 years ago

Same issue. We keep getting this error and our integration with GP fails essentially by stop processing other records to GP. eone should have some solution to share.

MNR replied 5 years ago

Robert/Kristie: Where you able fix this issue ?
Based on the workaround of manually deleting the entry from activity list fixes the problem. Question is , what are the reasons for that entry . Is it related to GP or is it something to do with implementation specific that relates to locking of records. Any feedback is appreciated.

Dawn Prigmore replied 2 years ago

Hi Lorren,

I’m surprised that we are still seeing this happen across sites, in the latest releases. I keep hoping to find a response to one of the threads with an article listing common causes, things to check, etc. Is that something that is in the works? Or an unpublished document you can share? Clearing the activity each time relies on a user reporting that the scheduled map did not run, and slows processing…

Janeece moreland replied 1 year ago

I have a map that runs every hour and has plenty of time to run. It will not run the second time no matter what.
I see that this was answered but I am clearing the activity and it happens again and again.
What is the answer?

Lisa replied 12 months ago

Is this forum even being monitored by eOne employees? I am having the same issue as everyone above. schedule service runs fine for a couple of days, then the schedule service will cause a memory leak, take up all the resources of the server until the service is killed in the Task Manager, and lock the any map that is scheduled. We are running SmartConnect

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