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Receiving error when importing Receiving transactions in GPS

Mary E Mallazzo asked 7 years ago
We have created a map to import receiving into GPS.   we have mapped Add One Line and Create receipt.  We are receiving the following error:
Processing failed for data rows matching Receipt =” 
…Receiving’s are being created in GPS…but no being posted.
Any suggestions?
Thank you
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
“Receipt” is your field chosen as the Key Field in the source.
the = “” is telling you that it is blank.
Typically that is going to mean you have blank rows in your source data and so all the fields are blank.
This results In this specific error.
It doesn’t actually hurt anything but it does cause the run to “fail” since you don’t have an error free integration.
this wouldn’t affect any other documents created.
Mary E Mallazzo answered 7 years ago
Thank you.  Do you know if this error is stopping the receipts from being posted?  

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