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Receiving error saving a map – The variable name @id has already been declared

Brandon asked 6 years ago
I just made a copy of one of my mappings.  The original has been working flawlessly for months.  On the copy, I changed the connection to connect to a new database, when I validate it, it creates the mapping table under that database.  When I hit save, I get the error in the title. The variable name @id has already been declared
I noticed when I uncheck the enable triggers boxes (insert and update), it let’s me save it, but the triggers don’t get created. This error happens when I leave them checked.
I can create the triggers manually on the table, but as soon as I hit save on the mapping with them unchecked, it removes them.
I should also say that my new mapping is pointing to a restored copy of the database the working map is using.  I’m not sure that matters.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can check?
Lorren Zemke Staff replied 6 years ago

Brandon, what is the SQL Table that you are putting your change data source on? What version of SmartConnect are you using? What type of change data source are you using, Dynamics GP or MSSQL?

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