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Receivables TRX – missing in CR Applied

Nancy asked 9 years ago
Imported AR Transactions and posted. When we go into Cash Receipts to enter the funds to pay these invoices they do not show under the Apply Sales Documents. Invoices entered into GP directly show. If the Cash Receipts are posted without applying I can go back into Apply Sales Documents and the invoices are listed.
Lorren replied 9 years ago


Are you saying that after you import the AR transactions and post them that they are not showing as available to be applied?

And those transactions are not fully paid when imported correct? 


Best Answer
Nancy answered 9 years ago
Lorren, Thanks for responding. I did figure out what how to correct this. Customer is using AVATAX and these invoices were Opening Balance transactions from legacy system. I used SmartConnect to bring these transactions into Receivables transactions and then I went to SQL and removes all reference to AVATAX. I posted the transactions and entered a Cash Receipt and when selecting the Apply Button they imported invoices were available for selection. So I am thinking this was caused by the AVATAX engine. Regards, Nancy

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