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Receivables Managment-Credit Memo integration

Jeff Timmons asked 6 years ago
I am attempting to import our open receivables transaction for our data migration.   My map successfully imports open invoices and open finance charges but fails on open credit memos with the following error message: “Error Number = 621 Stored Procedure = taRMTransaction Error Description = Document Amount is incorrect – (DOCAMNT <> SLSAMNT – TRDISAMT + FRTAMNT + MISCAMNT + TAXAMNT).
Any suggestions?  Clearly it has something to do with out of balance amounts but I am not seeing it.  Is there something special with the signs for credits?
Jeff Timmons replied 6 years ago

All I had to do was type my question and I solved it. I had been looking at the problem for two full days. I typed the question, pressed send and moments later resolved it.

Tanveer Ahmed replied 5 years ago

i have facing this error how can i resolved it

Document Amount is incorrect – (DOCAMNT <> SLSAMNT – TRDISAMT + FRTAMNT + MISCAMNT + TAXAMNT)

Jeff Timmons answered 6 years ago
All I needed to do was zero out the Sales Amount for credit memos.   Now off to fix the problems with unapplied cash sitting on the accounts.  If I have to I’ll simply changed them to credits since it is only beginning A/R-Migration issues.
Grace answered 1 month ago

Receivables management and credit memo integration is an essential processes for businesses that rely on credit sales. It involves managing and monitoring customer accounts receivable to ensure timely payment and reduce the risk of bad debts. Need to follow more that get more new tips for tropical places. The integration of credit memos helps in the efficient handling of customer returns, price adjustments, and other credit-related issues.

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