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Receivables and tax

George asked 10 years ago
I'm importing a file into the receivables module of Dynamics GP.  Some of the transactions contain tax. How do I set up SmartConnect so these transactions can be inported?  Currently they are generating a 712 error message.

Mick Egan replied 10 years ago


Either split the data into Tax and Non Tax transactions for importing into different Maps, or import the data into a table, then select the Tax data through one Map, and the Tax transaction through another Map usinga sql query from the table.

The Tax imports require a few additional steps.

Chris Hanson replied 10 years ago

If you need to split the data, you could leave it in the original file and use the ODBC connection for your source. That would let you use any WHERE clauses you need to filter the data and you can have a couple maps pull the relevant records for each without needing to drop it into another table first.

I don't know what error 720 is off the top of my head, if you still get an error after trying the steps above you could put the whole error in here and we could try help further.


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