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Real-Time Question

Brandon asked 7 years ago
I am trying to setup a real time sql data source, to import data into GP.  
Do I need to go through the web service to do that? When I go to register the map for create/update, it says to enter a web service URL.  I can’t find in the manual where it says I need the web service for a SQL datasource real time. I would assume it would create the triggers on the table (which it is not doing).
Thank you.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
yes the sql db triggers go through the eone web services as noted here:
and yes it will create a sql db trigger for this – your probably isn’t created because you haven’t set up the web services and set the URL to the REST service in the Generic Connector Setup window.
Brandon Aronson replied 7 years ago

Thank you for this. I’m sorry to ask but I can’t find anywhere on how to actually install the web service? I ran through the setup on a dedicated web server, and now am getting forbidden errors when trying to connect to it. Do you have any directions on setting it up within IIS?

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