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Reading alpha vs numerics?

Sherry Whitten asked 5 years ago
I have folder data source with about 9,000 rows of Dynamics GP vendor master info to import into vendor maintenance.  For the first 7,000 rows, the vendor IDs are all numeric.  The other 2,000 rows are alpha-numeric or just alpha.  If I integrate it with all the numerics at the beginning, it only integrates 7,000 rows – does not even acknowledge the existence of the other 2,000 in the Record Count.  If I move a handful of the alpha-numerics to the top, it seems to do okay – recognizing all the rows.  Is there any workaround besides manually editing the source file to move some of the alpha-numerics to the top of the file?  Thanks in advance.
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 5 years ago
Hello Sherry,
You don’t say what your source is so I’ll take a stab at both Text and Excel. 
If it is a text file the type is determined by a schema file. So you will want to set that column to Char in the schema, and maybe set the MaxScanRows to a larger number by opening the Schema.ini.
In Excel, If formatting the cells isn’t allowing it to pick up the correct type you will have to change the number of rows scanned in the Registry. This article walks through the steps.
Sherry Whitten replied 5 years ago

I’m sorry – missed that detail. It’s a csv file. Do I create a schema.ini in the template folder or the source folder? Thanks.

Patrick Roth Staff replied 5 years ago

you’d use the schema button in SC for the template which would then modify the schema.ini in the template folder for you. what ends up happening is the template schema.ini is what is used to create the source folder schema.ini on the fly as the files are processed.

Sherry Whitten replied 5 years ago

Thanks Patrick! I’ll try that.

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