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Read multiple document types from the import source to generate either a Quote or an Order

Lewis asked 4 years ago
I have a functioning Excel Sales Order transaction import which imports only “Orders”.  I would like to have the excel source also be allowed to generate a sales order “Quote” type transaction .  My sales order import template currently has a hard coded Global Rolling Column for the Document Type and Document ID. 
Is there a way to add the option to generate a Quote or an Order from my existing excel template? If so, how would I go about it?
Thank you
Patrick Roth Staff replied 4 years ago

Hard to say exact steps w/o seeing what you have.
However if the map should do “order” and “quotes” now, then clearly you can no longer have things “hard coded” as you do now.

So in your source you would need to have order/quote field so the map knows what to create. then you’d need either the docid as well or else use a calculation and hard code based on the sop type you are now passing the map.

Lastly, you’d need to fix the global rolling column to use the new values vs hard coded values.

Lewis answered 4 years ago
With your instruction, I was able to add the document type in the source file.  How would I go about fixing the global rolling column to know when there is an order verses when there is a quote?  right now I have a GP rolling column just for the order, and it does not allow me to alter between two document types?
Lewis replied 4 years ago

I believe I have this working now. I found a write-up on using a “Translation” table, which will allow the document type to be driving by the spreadsheet source document.
Thank you for your help

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