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Question Marks (????) appear in calculated field

chadbruels asked 9 years ago

The link above will take you to a screenshot of this issue. My client reported a map was failing. Upon reviewing the problem a syntax error was indicated in several cacluclated fields. Opening each field revealed that several question marks had been inserted where there had been tabs for structure and readability of the code. Why would this happen?

lorren replied 9 years ago


We have not heard of anyone having this problem with SmartConnect.  Were the scripts copied from somewhere or were they hand keyed?  Had they been running successfully before and then they started getting this error?


chadbruels replied 9 years ago

I had hand-keyed them into the SmartConnect scripting window and tested the Map with success.

Chris replied 8 years ago

Does this issue occur on other machines or is this the only one? It looks like it is showing up as an unrecognized character if you had other language packs or styles that changed the character sets around. 

chadbruels replied 8 years ago

Everyone with SmartConnect installed in the organization works in English. What kind of style might we be talking about? A Windows theme with different fonts or something at a different system level? Are you asserting that given some kind of circumstance it would be possible just to open and close the Calculated field script and have a tab character unrecognized and replaced? Would the app not stop the script from saving and the window closing?

Chris replied 8 years ago

Chad, this would probably be something that you should contact support directly about so they can stream in and see the issue. We haven't had anyone else ever report this so we were just giving the most probable causes for characters being replaced by question marks – which is normally caused by character set issues in other programs.


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