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Query timeout expired

A. Lopez asked 9 years ago
We build a Map to integrate SQL Server data table to Dynamics GP POP receivings transactions running on SmartConnect version

We are receiving timeout error during the Map process. The sql server timeout parameter is set to 0, then we expected that SmartConnect waits indefinitely.

The error that SM shows is:
ERROR [HYT00] [Microsoft] [SQL Server Client 10.0]Query timeout expired

Have you seen it before?
Mick Egan replied 9 years ago

I see this regulary when running a query on the SOP30300 Table with large amounts of data.  I haven't tried this kb at this site, but on another site we were getting timeout issues and the kb solved.  no harm in testing: "". Regards,  Mick

A. Lopez replied 9 years ago

The problem continues, the timeout occurs when execute the Source Stored Procedure, it take the info from tables in the GP Company database.

Thank you

Best Answer
Chris answered 9 years ago
WHat I have done before in cases where the timeout still occurs is to run your procs that are timing out when grabbing the data in a pre-map task. If you use the scripting task you can call the procs or query to populate a staging table, and when you open the connection within that script you can set the timeout parameter directly for that one call. 

It would look something like the following when setting the connection and command timeout properties:

'Declare the connection string based on the saved connection
Dim conString As String = _SQLDEF_TWO
'Define the SQL connection and open it
Dim myConn As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection = New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection(conString)
myConn.ConnectionTimeout = 120
'Declare the SQL command as the query string and execute it
Dim command As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand = New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand(sqlQuery, myConn)
command.CommandTimeout = 120
Bridget replied 9 years ago

Per SmartConnect client you can launch "eOne.SmartConnect.Config.exe" from the SmartConnect install directory and modify the connection timeout. The default is only 15 seconds.

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