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Query in SV External times out, but same query in SV works

Jim asked 5 years ago
Jim replied 5 years ago

We have several SLB items that are based on view. When run in SmartView they work fine, but when run in SmartView External they are timing out. I’m testing both under my login on the same machine. What can I try to get these to work in SV and SV External?

Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
Well, in SV External you are logging in and the SQL Connection is under the credentials you entered on login.
In SV Internal, the connection is actually made used with the credentials entered in the SmartView Setup window (typically the “SmartView” user that SV creates).  So there is likely that small difference.
What you can do is change the default timeout that SmartView External is using.
If you open the smartview.exe.config you can add another “key” to the list of keys.
 <add key=”CommandTimeout” value=”600″ />
This is in seconds – so here i’m changing my default command/query timeout to be 10 minutes.
You can set this to a much larger value if you wish – or should be able to set to 0 for “infinite”.
If you want/need to adjust that same timeout in SV Internal, you can edit the dex.ini and add the line:
to do the same thing.

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