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Quantity Decimal Places

Jennifer asked 1 year ago

I have an integration set up to update the Current Cost and List Price in the Item Maintenance Window and update the Origination Invoice Cost on the Item Vendor Maintenance Window. Every time I run in my integration from an excel file it automatically add one place value to the Quantity Decimal Places for each item that is not currently on an open order, open invoice, or open PO. I’m not even referencing this field in my integration. What am I doing wrong? Please help!!

Lorren Zemke answered 1 year ago


The decimal places in Dynamics GP are stored in a drop down list which begins with the value of 1.  The problem is the first number you see in that list is a 0.  

When you want GP to show 0 decimals, you pass in a 1 for the integration.  If you want 1 decimal, you pass a 2 and so on.



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