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Purchasing > Payables Transactions SmartList is creating an infinite loop

Mark asked 7 years ago
The SmartList for Purchasing > Payables Transactions seems to be in an infinite loop of returning one record of what appears to be valid data, then an infinite number of blank records where the text fields are blank and the numeric and date fields are zero when any of the following columns are included in the in the SmartList:
Document Status
Document Type
Due Date
The SQL view ‘PayablesTranactions’ seems to run fine in SQL Server. 
Another issue with the SmartList is the value in the ‘Document Amount’ column is the same as the value in the ‘Purchases Amount’ column in the SmartList, but when running the view in SQL server, the ‘Document Amount’ column is the sum of the ‘Purchases Amount’ and ‘Tax Amount’ columns.
SmartList version 12.00.1485 
Any suggestions as to the cause of the problem and how to resolve the problem would be appreciated.
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 7 years ago
To clarify first, are you using the default Payables Transaction SmartList or one that you have modified/created in SmartList Builder?
If you are using SmartList Builder, please check the version of SmartList Builder you have installed by going to Microsoft Dynamics GP – Tools – SmartList Builder – About.  Our current version for the GP build you are on is 67.  We did make some changes to the Payables Transaction Setup in SLB in build 75, but that would require your GP version to be at least build 1745.  The changes we made however are not those you are mentioning.  I have tested this on my GP 2013 install and it is working just fine although my GP and SLB builds would be higher than what you are mentioning.
Also, if you are using SmartList Builder, it would be using the SLBPayablesTrx view.  Can you verify if that one returns correctly or not?
If you are using the default Payables Transaction SmartList that comes with GP, this would be something to work with the Microsoft support team on. 

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