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Pulling the Extender data from an order line item onto an invoice line item.

Gail Hoyt asked 8 years ago
Is there any way to pull the Extender data from a line item in an Order onto the subsequent invoice when you use the transfer to invoice functionality?We have attribute data that we enter on a Sales Order line item that we need to have displayed on our invoice at the line item level. Currently we are thinking we will have to re-key the data onto the invoice from the order to be able to display the info on our invoice. Does anyone have a suggestion of how we can work around the issue? We use the SOP Number and Line Item Seq. Number as the Key Values in Extender. I appreciate any help anyone can provide.
Justin Thorp replied 8 years ago


I would also like to know the answer to this question.


Chris Dew Staff replied 7 years ago

If you use the SOP Number for attaching to the Header or SOP Number and Line Item Sequence for attaching to Lines then we have built the logic into Extender to have the information follow as it moves between the document types.

Alain Campeau replied 4 years ago

Hi Chris,

I have in my Extender windows, in the section Keys Fields Ithe Line item sequence, sop number and the item number but GP doesn’t tranfer the values between Quote to Order and Order to invoice, Why ? We have to re-enter the values

Patrick Roth Staff replied 4 years ago

Because you have the Item Number in your key field list.
As Chris noted, you would need SOP Number & Line Item Sequence (although he didn’t say _only_) to make this work.

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