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Project Budgets Node

Davel asked 9 years ago

I have been unable to find the above and wanted to know if anyone had tried to comple one. If you have please can you share the detials.

Best Answer
Lorren answered 9 years ago
You should have project budgets available after setting up the Dynamics GP connector in Smart Connect Setup.

Select the Destination Type of Microsoft Dynamics GP
Group of Project Accounting
Node Type is Project Budgets

If you don't see the above option then you will need to execute Smart Connect System Maintenance.

This only allows creating a new budget.

Davel replied 9 years ago

Thanks Lorren.

I have found the node, however, As you say I can only add a new and not update any budgets. Do you know if the update budget option is coming for SmartConnect?


Lorren replied 9 years ago


The original nodes are created by Microsoft however we could create one using our Node Builder product.  At this time we have not had anyone ask us to create an update PA Budget node.

You can work with our services team on creating that functionality.  If you send me an email at we can start that process


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