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Project Budget Updating asked 10 years ago

I have successfully created, in SmartConnect 2012, a map that imports a budget for projects in GP Project Accounting.  The budget, after import, is seen by clicking the "Budget" button in the Project Maintenance window.  The budget is being imported from an Excel 2010 spreadsheet.

Unfortunately, I have noticed that if you want to update that existing budget by either adding additional data to that same spreadsheet or by modifying the data on the spreadsheet, the SmartConnect import fails and says that the Project Number and Cost Categories for the budget already exist.

This is true, despite having checked the "Update Existing" checkbox in the mapping.

Is there really not a way to update existing project budgets through SmartConnect?

Other items in GP, such as vendors and customers, can be updated by checking the "Update Existing" checkbox.  So, I'm surprised that this issue exists with project budgets.

Thanks!  Much appreciated!

Chris Dew replied 10 years ago


The eConnect nodes from Microsoft do not support updating of projects. The only way around this would be to build new eConnect nodes (from scratch or using Node Builder) and use that inside SC.


Best Answer answered 10 years ago
Thanks, Chris!

Davel replied 9 years ago

Hi Chris,

Do you know if this is till the case?


Chris Dew replied 9 years ago


The eConnect nodes from Microsoft haven't been changed at all for Projects. So the answer remains the same that you would either need to use Node Builder to create new nodes or use direct SQL table updates.

The one bright thing to look forward to will be our connector for "DexNext" from Microsoft. This will open up integration points to use the same logic as Dynamics GP without another set of business objects like eConnect.


Patrick Cox replied 4 years ago

Is DexNext now available? Can you now use smart connect to update existing project budgets? Thanks

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