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Project Accounting Timesheet ROUND distribution

Joanne asked 7 years ago
When integrating UK timesheets into Dynamics GP with SmartConnect, some timesheets do not post because the ROUND distribution is not automatically created.  How can I get the integration to create the ROUND distribution or have GP do this with integrated timesheets?
Thank you
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
You don’t say if you are entering the distributions yourself or letting eConnect calculate them for you.
But either case, I can see that you could run into MC distributions slightly out of balance due to the MC conversion not quite coming out balanced.
This would seem to be an eConnect issue in that it isn’t handling any potential ROUND distribution.
From the SmartConnect standpoint, the only resolution that I see is you would have to run a SQL statement yourself as an after document task to sum the distributions.
Then if you detect an out of balance condition, then you’d have to then insert the ROUND distributions into the table yourself.
you might also consider discussing this issue with Microsoft econnect support as they might have an already implemented workaround for you.
Joanne replied 7 years ago

Patrick, the distributions are coming from the project accounting project setup that the timesheet is entered for. It is in the MC conversion that the small variance (usually one cent) occurs. When timesheets are entered manually into PA, the ROUND distribution is automatically calculated. Somehow, when the timesheets come in from an integration, the ROUND distribution isn’t added (and can’t be added manually on those transactions).

Patrick Roth Staff replied 7 years ago

When I mentioned that you would manually insert the ROUND distribution, I was thinking that most likely you’d have to do a direct table INSERT to the distribution table.

So not ideal, no. But since SmartConnect doesn’t control the distributions, there isn’t anything else we can do from the eOne side. You’d need the proc fixed by Microsoft or a workaround proc to resolve this if you didn’t want to try to do it yourself.

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