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Processing Failed for Data Rows Matching

John asked 2 years ago
Hi There:
The prevailing error in a map is “Processing failed for data rows matching transactions_id = ‘2539419205750’transactions_order_id=’1967148171382′.”
Both transactions_id and transactions_order_id are the key fields of the map.  This map has been used for about a year and began reporting this error only about two weeks ago and every day since.
Below is part of the Query in the Data Source.
Does the issue have to do with the use of varchar syntax instead of, say, char?
Thank you!  Much appreciated!
CAST(transactions_order_id AS VARCHAR) AS transactions_order_id,
CAST(transactions_id   AS VARCHAR) AS transactions_id,
‘SPAY’ + CAST(transactions_id   AS VARCHAR) AS PaymentNumber,
‘O’ + CAST(transactions_order_id AS VARCHAR) AS PaymentDescription,
transactions_gateway AS transactions_gateway
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 2 years ago
That message is just telling you which record failed. Typically, the destination system will provide the error that is coming back. You should be able to hover over the error or double-click on it, to see all of the errors that occurred for that specific source data.

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