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Processing Failed for Data Rows matching… error

Tom asked 4 years ago
I’m trying to create a Cash Receipts Apply Map that read from CSV files (using a folder data source) and writes to Dynamics GP RM Cash Application.
The key fields in my data source are
– PaymentReference (this is the check number or check being applied from)
– InvoiceNumber (the invoice being applied to)
I’m grouping my data on those two (2) fields an summing the apply amounts.
All of the key fields have values on every row of the source data.
And yet, some of the payments I try to apply show an error of “Processing failed for data rows matching PaymentReverence ‘10318’InvoiceNumber ”  (YES, the invoice number is blank in the error message even though it is clearly “CM20524993-00” * in the source data.  Others get applied without issue.  Still others give expected errors like “Invoice Doesn’t exist in RM20101” or “Amount applied exceeds invoice amount.”
If I try mapping a calculated field to the Apply To Doc Number, and include “MessageBox.Show(_InvoiceNumber)” in the calculation, I expect to see a message box with either “CM20524993-00” or a blank message pop up. Instead, there are no message boxes until I reach a source data row where SC recognizes the value in invoice number column.  
What could be going on here?  The invoice number values are sometimes 100% numeric and sometimes a mix of alpha and numeric.  It seems to be the mixed invoice numbers that are getting missed, but there file is too big for me to check everything.  
(* Despite beginning with “CM” that is an invoice number, not a Credit Memo.  That’s just how we number some of our invoices here.  I don’t like it either.)
Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
“What could be going on here?  “

On your source file, you don’t have your Invoice Number column set to “char”.  Instead it must be set to Integer.
So ODBC assumes it is an integer and anything that starts with “CM” or “INV” isn’t an integer and so would be blank,
Check your schema for this source file and make sure you have it set to char (tab off the line before saving so it gets set)
Tom replied 4 years ago

Thanks Patrick, that did it. I guess I just assumed SC treated everything in a csv file a text.

Curtis Beethe answered 3 years ago
I have encountered this and found the cause to be unprintable ASCII characters in my key fields. Rtrim does not exclude them. You either have to do an Update statement or find/write some script to handle in bulk. I found one called sp_npclean_col.

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