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Problems with short strings on Extender Enterprise Forms

James asked 7 years ago
Extender Enterprise 11.0.33 for GP 2010
While working on a form, after changing the format and mask values a few times on the extra windows for the form, somehow short strings in our
Extender Enterprise have become corrupted.  Even setting the short string field attributes back to nothing more than using no format, use mask check marked and a mask entered
unusual things occur.
The steps are as follows:
1 I bring up an extra window with a few short string fields defined
2 enter string into the short string fields
3 press OK on the extra window
4 go back into the extra window and now all the short string fields will be blank with the exception of the very first if it is defined as field1 until the blanked out
fields are the focus.  When re-entering the “blank” short string fields the previous value of the field appears.
If I remove all properties from the short string field (ie – no format, no mask) and just have a # of characters defined the same occurs however this time the values previously entered
into the short string fields are lost completely.
Some Notes:
1 – This only occurs on extra windows with fields defined as short string fields
2 – This was not occurring in our Extender Enterprise install until a couple days ago while working on a new form
3 – This continues to occur even if the extra window is deleted completed and recreated.
4 – This is now occurring for every single short string field on an extra window on completely new forms created.
It seems like something global is terribly corrupted.  I don’t know how to fix this.  Any ideas how we can get the behavior of our short string fields back
to some what normal?
James answered 7 years ago
I also need to add that I exported the form that was having this issue to another completely independent copy of GP/Extender Enterprise that had forms not having this behavior.  It did the same thing as described above.  Further, I was able to create a simple form with an extra window with short strings defined in that copy with no format specified and use mask check marked and a mask defined.  It worked ok.  I then (to attempt to reproduce the issue) changed a few times the mask/format settings saving it out and running it.  Now my independent copy of Extender Enterprise is exhibiting the exact same issues as the original even when creating new extra windows for forms.

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