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Problems with Default SmartLists not showing data

karlstadick asked 9 years ago
We are on GP 2013 and installed the Dec. 31st update from your website.  Things appeared to be fine but now our Employees and GL Account Transactions SmartLists are missing a number of Favorite and the ones remaining are not displaying any data.  The SmartList Favorites in the Navigation Views are still there but when we double-click on them, SmartList opens but the SmartList is missing and therefore nothing happens.  Any ideas?
Best Answer
karlstadick answered 9 years ago
With the help of eOne, we were able to resolve the issue by simply deleting the Default SmartList.  Someone had inadvertently saved the Default SmartList which then made it a SmartList Builder report.  We deleted the SmartList Defaults for these 2 SmartLists in SmartList Builder, closed SmartList Builder and out of SmartLists.  Re-opened SmartList and the Default SmartLists were back, Favorites in tact and Navigation Lists working.
terryb replied 9 years ago

I have a user that is having the same issue with his Employee Summary default Smartlist and all the ones he made with that as the base.

Can you share what you had to do to fix this?

karlstadick replied 9 years ago

Hi Terry – Are you on GP 2013 SP2 and using SmartList Builder?  If so, then resolving this may be as simple as clicking on the Employee Summary SmartList (Yellow Folder), click the "Modify" button to see if there is an asterisk (*) next to the SmartList ID.  If so, you should be able to click on the "Delete" button to delete the entire SmartList ID.  You will then want to close all of the SmartList windows and re-open SmartList and then it should re-create itself with the options that were previously created still intact.  Before performing any of these steps, I would make sure to have a backup of all SmartLists.  If you are not on GP 2013 SP2 and not using SmartList Builder, you will then want to reach out to either your Partner or eOne Support for assistance.  Please let me know what ends up working for you.  Thank you!  Karl

terryb answered 9 years ago
that worked – Thanks
NiaE answered 6 years ago
Please can someone advise how a user can save the Default SmartList which then makes it a SmartList Builder report? We have had this issue and resolved it but wanted to know how it gets saved in the first place

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