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Problem creating Excel template

Geoff James asked 9 years ago


When I am creating an Excel template I receive the following message at the end of creating the template:

At least one key field does not exist in the source data.

I am creating an Inventory template to import and create Inventory Items. I have a key field of Item Number.

Have I missed something in my setup.

I am using SmartConnect 2013. My office is 2010.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Geoff James
Best Answer
Sue Conrod answered 9 years ago
Make sure that the excel  column "Item Number" is setup exactly the same as you have it in your key field.  If it is proper case like above then it needs to be proper case in your file.  I have had it kick out when a user had it as account and not Account.

Double check your column.  Or once you are pointing at your file, go in and hit the + sign on the key field and see exactly how it sees Item Number.  You can bring it back in and then delete the original.

Geoff James answered 9 years ago
Hi Sue,

Thank you for your answer. That was not the issue, as I do not have a source file when creating a Template.

I managed to get it to work by not selecting to create a Map in the template wizard.

It created the template, now all I have to do is create a Map.


Geoff James

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