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Preview Window shows batches from all companies

Andrew S asked 4 years ago
     I am testing SmartPost at a customer site to post Journal Entry batches.  I set up a routine for a handful of test companies, initially without a batch name filter. When I go into the preview window and select that routine, I see batches across all companies, even ones I didn’t select, in the data grid.  If I later add a batch name filter, the displayed batches are correctly filtered by batch name.  (After adding the batch name filter, it appears that the Processing window does only scan the selected companies.)
I would expect the preview window to only show batches as configured in the posting routine I selected, so I’d be able to verify that my routine will not post batches for non-test companies.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 1 year ago
I’m pretty late replying back to this one (and you probably already noticed too) but the Preview window has been changed to only show batches for companies that are selected on a routine now vs showing for non-marked companies in the Preview window.  This was added sometime in 18.3 for sure but could be in 18.2 as well.
The only thing I notice is that it still does show batches for routines that are not marked Active – so still perhaps a bit misleading.

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