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Prefill connection details when editing SQL, ODBC and OLEDB connections

Paul asked 2 years ago

In SmartConnect 21, if you “edit” any of these data sources, some or all of the previous details are lost. The SQL connection will refill *as long as* the connection is still valid, but the database is cleared if it can’t connect to the server. The ODBC and OLEDB connections don’t even try to open with the previous configuration – it’s just like you are adding a brand new one, just with the same name as an existing one.

If that is too technically challenging for whatever reason, please at least let us see / copy all of the previous connection string. Right now, you typically can’t see the database name, so it can be difficult to fix a broken connection (like in the case of a SQL server move) if you don’t already know where it was pointing.

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