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Postive and Negative amounts in GL Transctions

Chris asked 7 years ago
Can Smart Connect handle one line with positive and negative amounts in the GL Transaction imports? We currently use Integration Manager and if you want to do a credit you use a negative number and debit is a positive number. This way you only have one column..
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
Yes it handles it fine.
Vernon replied 4 years ago

Could you show how it is done?

Chris answered 7 years ago
How do you configure the map?
Chris answered 7 years ago
I got it to working using a calculated field thanks.
Chris Hanson Staff answered 7 years ago
Chris, in the calculated fields you could use a couple of pre-built functions that we have in that scripting window.
One is called fn.POSITIVESOURCE() and the other fn.NEGATIVESOURCE().
Then you can use the positive source function and pass it your source field for the debit, and use the negative source function for the credit in another calculated field. That removes the need for extra lines of code if you had written it all out.
Carolyn replied 4 years ago

Hi Where can I find a sample or video showing how to use this function?

Vernon replied 4 years ago

Can you provide an example — so it can be created?

Russell Delamater replied 3 years ago

fn.POSITIVESOURCE() and the other fn.NEGATIVESOURCE(). I assumed this would produce a return value but even after adding a value in the () it is still asking for a return value. What else is it needing?

Patrick Roth Staff replied 3 years ago


I can take a good guess at what you are trying to say but it helps to give the exact error message and steps to give this error.

All calculations need to return something whether you use a built in function or not.

So most likely you aren’t doing that.

Since these functions do the hard work for you, the calculation is pretty simple.

return fn.PositiveSource(_MYAMOUNT)

replacing my field data with your field data name.

Lorren Zemke Staff answered 4 years ago
Here is a help article on writing two calculated columns for Credit and Debits.
How to separate Debits and Credit when the source file has only 1 column

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