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Posting User Left Logged In

Matt Connor asked 8 years ago
I have SmartPost (build running to post batches overnight. The posting user is logged into GP into Company A but posts batches in Company B. The batches post fine but I am left with two records in the Dynamics activity table one for each company so using up an extra GP licence!
If I post batches in 10 companies am I going to end up with 10 (or 11) activity records?
patrick answered 8 years ago
You’ll end up with 10 – 1 for each company that posts a batch. And yes SmartPost does use a GP license – however the number of companies it is logged into doesn’t affect that.  It is ‘per user’ not ‘per user – per company’.  So it only uses 1 user max no matter how many companies.
Matt replied 8 years ago

Hi Patrick

I don’t think that’s right, every record in DYNAMICS.dbo.ACTIVITY counts toward the user count


Patrick Roth Staff replied 7 years ago


After testing this a bit, I agree you are right. We do leave the activity records in the table and those do count against your license count. I wrote this up as a bug (and a few more things I’ve seen) and hopefully will be fixed in the near-ish future.


Yolanda Cedillo replied 7 years ago

Does this was solved? I have 10 companies and need to post diferent batches, but I do not want to occupy 10 GP users.
I’m with the GP2013 version.

Patrick Roth Staff replied 7 years ago

No, not yet.

Kristie McNulty replied 6 years ago

We are considering purchasing this tool but are reluctant to do so due to this bug. We cannot afford to sacrifice more than one license for the process given the number of limited licenses we have. Has eOne been able to figure out how to avoid the multiple accounts?

Patrick Roth Staff replied 6 years ago

This has been resolved in SmartPost 2016.
While the fix for this hasn’t been moved back to SmartPost at this time, it is a possibility.

Michael replied 5 years ago

We are considering purchasing this tool for GP 2015. We have over 50+ companies with only 10 user licenses. We have a need to automate batch posting overnight in all 50 companies. If each company uses up one license, this solution will not work for us. We don’t want to upgrade to GP 2016 at this time. Has this been fixed for SmartPost 2015?

patrick replied 5 years ago

Yes this has also been fixed in smartpost 2015 in a recent service pack.

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