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Posting Routine

john Bock asked 8 years ago
Can you have multiple begins with batch names in the Batch Name field? So if I need to have Inventory transactions automated can I set up the batch name field with more than one batch name begins with? Seperated by a comma? Or do I need to setup an individual posting routine for each batch name begins with 'XXX'? Thanks
Best Answer
lorren answered 8 years ago

You would have to create multiple posting routines each with their own Begins With clause.

Mariano Gomez replied 8 years ago

I am using this tool at a customer and today the have made it clear that this is shaving hours off their day.

With that said, why have a batch “begins with” or “contains” option and not have an “All” option to post transactions? I don’t want to have to setup a posting routine for every single occurrence not contemplated by “begins with” or “contains”.

Lorren answered 8 years ago

If you just want all batches then use Contains and place a Percent "%" symbol in the Batch Name field.


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