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Posting Date–Batch or Transaction Level? asked 10 years ago

For importing GP transactions of any kind (purchasing receivings, payables transactions, etc.), SmartConnect is always going to adhere to the business rules set in the GP Posting Setup window regarding whether the general ledger posting date comes from the batch date or the transaction's posting date.  Correct?

If GP's Posting Setup is configured to pull the posting date from the batch date, then that's going to be the posting date regardless of what Posting Date is mapped in SmartConnect.  Isn't that right?

SmartConnect goes by GP business rules.  So, I would think that that would all be correct.  But, I want to confirm.  Thanks!  Much appreciated!

Best Answer
molsen answered 10 years ago

Thats right. Econnect rules are applied during hte import and GP rules applied when you post.

johnellis replied 10 years ago

Thanks, Martin!


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